10:00 - 11:00
1 January 2023

Symposium on "Responsibility"

Symposium on Responsibility

1. "Realizing the Relationship"

Shikhar Agnihotri, India 

Why is Compassion called the law of laws? Why is Love-Wisdom considered the most important qualification on the path of discipleship? Why are the Adepts often referred to as Masters of Love-Wisdom-Compassion? Why is Self-Realization given so much importance in every spiritual discipline across the planet? And Why is the realization of Universal Brotherhood so significant that its strong assertion can be observed not only in every theosophical literature including the Mahatma Letters or The Secret Doctrine but also in the three objects of the Theosophical Society? What is THAT Relationship? For this and much more, kindly attend the session in person at Adyar theatre or online via zoom or youtube.

2. "Knowing Being Doing"

Vibha Saksena, India

Responsibilities stem from the roles we assume. Roles emerge from the relationships we share. What we ‘do’ to shoulder our responsibilities, is influenced by our ‘being’ or inner nature, which in turn, evolves as we gain clarity in ‘knowing’ our relationships. This short talk focuses on how relationships help in our spiritual evolution, culmination of which is the ultimate purpose of Life.

3. "Altruism and Regeneration: the Responsibility We Have for One Another"

Stephen McDonald, National President of the TS in Australia

This talk will discuss the significance of altruism and regeneration by using the symbolism of the lotus as an analogy.  It will draw upon Theosophical perspectives about both of these principles and their importance in bonding our lodges as centres for spiritual regeneration.


Shikhar Agnihotri
National Lecturer and International Speaker
Vibha Saksena
National Lecturer of the Indian Section and
Stephen McDonald
National President of the TS in Australia