Vibha Saksena

National Lecturer of the Indian Section and

Present Role:

National Lecturer of the Indian Section and
Secretary of Noida Lodge.
Member of the Indian Section of Theosophical Society since 2015.


IT Engineer. Holding a Masters degree in Computer Science.

Brief of life journey

I live in Noida, the national capital region, with my loving family.
Travelling widely for work and vacation has brought me the love of people, places and cultures.
Love for travelling is only dwarfed by love for theosophy.

Alongside my career, I pursued deep self-study, in the Physical Sciences at first, then the Philosophies of different religion, looking for meaningful answers to questions larger than life.

Finally, I chanced upon Theosophy, or did it choose me, who knows?
But it did bring a sense of closure and at the same time, flung wide open, the doors to the great Beyond of everyday life. So, search is over, journey begins.

Transitioning from a career oriented, worldly life to a spiritually awakened higher life, I firmly believe the greatest service one can do for the world is Self-transformation.

I continue my work in IT, allowing these academic qualifications be useful, but now I do it with a widened perspective, aware of the great Beyond, ever beckoning for exploration, giving new insights and new meaning to life.