15:00 - 16:15
3 January 2024

Workshops II

1 Workshop at Blavatsky Bungalow upstairs by Sonal Murali
"Education for Life: The Art of Living and Learning"

We are all students of life and the learning never ceases. It is an ongoing process. Children have their active subconscious mind which like a tree has the power to gather its food from the surrounding atmosphere. Every day the child is searching to understand something, to grasp a piece of life.

An Educator’s role is an interface for child to explore the inner and the outer spaces. Like life itself, education is not an isolated process instead it is a collaborative journey. In a holistic approach, both the teacher and the student are learners. They are equals, there is no hierarchy there and no psychological authority. Rabindranath Tagore said that the primary objective of education is to enable the preservation of the perfect symphony between one’s life and the world outside.

School is not preparation for life. School is life itself. In this session we will explore how school can be the place to learn the art of living and learning.

2 Workshop at Headquarters Hall by Jaishree Kannan

Delegates are requested to attend both the sessions. The leader recommends the ancient Vedic way of learning chanting which is by complete listening. Hence there would not be any written material required nor does it require any stationery ( paper, pen, pencil etc.) Let there be peace by chanting the Shanti Mantra.

3 Workshop at Blavatsky Bungalow Hall by World Federation of Young Theosophists 
"Art as a Language of the Universal Intelligence"

At this Workshop we would like to invite you to explore and understand the Universal Intelligence through art and creativity. After a moment of inspiration where some poems of esoteric character will be offered to you accompanied by music and images of artwork, we will invite you to share poems (your own or those that inspire you) or to express your vision with brush and colors!


Jaishree Kannan
Librarian and Officer in charge of the Surendra Narayan Archives
Sonal Murali
Director of Adyar Theosophical Academy
World Federation of Young Theosophists