08:30 - 09:30
1 January 2024

Symposium: "Exploring and Understanding"

Speakers are Richard Sell, Isis de Resende, Gerard Brennan

1. Richard Sell, New Zealand

"Understanding an Explorers Mind"

While being more connected than ever in history before, we can still feel lonely and isolated in a crowd. Often ‘Real’ connections are not being made so readily. Do we truly see who the people around us actually are, do we know who we ourselves are? Do we look at humanity as a whole with eyes of spirit and see the Oneness of all and have we questioned our place in the world and indeed the cosmos?  Are we such explorers? Through the practice of discernment and seeking to understand, we can cultivate an explorer’s mind. This type of mind questions, enquires, and seeks to understand the world we live in and our place in it – it seeks an ever-deepening understanding of the ‘Soul’s journey’ and who we truly are. This can lead the seeker inward only, towards Self-realisation and enlightenment, that which is the true goal.

2. Isis de Resende, Brazil

"The Science and the Art of Living"

The theme of this panel “Exploring and Understanding”, reminds me of an article of HPB called “The Science of Life”. There some very interesting things are said, starting from the question: “What is life?” and the answer that the science of her time gave, is a very materialistic one. HPB argues that microscopes can never bring about new horizons, analyzing only the shell, because the flame is different from the piece of wood that temporarily serves as fuel. Our personality, the material part of ourselves brings only the possibility of accumulating experiences.

When we talk about life, the important thing is not where it comes from, but how we live it. It is a question of Exploring and Experiment. The curious thing is that the more we live only for the satisfaction of the Personality the less life and bliss we get, and strangely enough renunciation brings more life and bliss.

Why does looking for one’s happiness bring less happiness when renouncing our worries about ourselves brings more happiness? Because the heresy of separateness is the source of unhappiness and overcoming this heresy is an art, we have to learn how to do it.

3. Gerard Brennan, Australia

"Seeking and Knowing"

Gerard cannot come to Adyar, so the Moderator will read his talk

We know that embarking on a spiritual journey can often be truly transformative. This invariably involves the seeker ‘exploring’ and ‘understanding’ the great truths at the heart of creation. With an open mind and a pure heart we seek to rediscover our true nature and over time begin to glimpse something of that peace deep inside all of us. So together let’s embark on a little journey that compels us to embrace a greater sense of knowing who we really are.


Gerard Brennan
President of the Indo-Pacific Federation of the TS
Isis de Resende
Member of the TS in Brazil
Richard Sell
National President of the New Zealand Section