15:00 - 16:00
1 January 2023

Workshops in four different places

Choose which workshop you like to join. You can change the workshop next day if you wish.

1. "Mini" School of the Wisdom (SOW)

"Theosophy and Ecology: Practical Wisdom for Living in the Contemporary World"

The three days workshop focuses on practical ways to broaden and deepen our sense of self beyond the narrow ego to an identification with all living beings. 

Moderator: Erica Georgiades, Director of the School of the Wisdom

Venue: Adyar Theatre

1st January: Linda Oliveira

(2nd January: Radha Raghunathan)

(3rd January: Pradeep Gohil)


2. Chanting workshop

Facilitator Ms Jaishree Kannan, TS Adyar

Venue: Headquarters Hall

Delegates attending all the 3 sessions would be able to chant a Shanti Mantra or two at the end of 3rd session. The leader recommends the ancient Vedic way of learning chanting which is by complete listening. Hence there would not be any written material required nor does it require any stationery ( paper, pen, pencil etc.) Let there be peace by chanting the Shanti Mantra.


3. Science and Compassion workshop

Facilitator Mr Janne Vuononvirta, General Secretary of the Finnish Section

Venue: Library, Conference Hall

1st January: The Power of Compassion

(2nd January: Compassion for Oneself)

(3rd January: Compassion for Others)

Compassion is in the core of every true spiritual tradition. During the past decades a growing body of scientific research on compassion has emerged. This scientific knowledge can help us to deepen our understanding of the value of compassion in our personal lives and in the world in general. We can frame compassion as a set of skills that can be developed and trained. In this workshop we investigate together the connection between theosophical and scientific understanding of compassion and the practices how to built the skills of the heart.


4. World Music and Dance workshop

Facilitators from LEAP Boundary Breakers Choir of World Music

Venue: Blavatsky Bungalow downstairs.

The Choir's facilitators will teach some easy singing and easy choreography. You can join also just watching and supporting the efforts. In the evening program at 7:30 PM, the group with participants will perform together what they have learned.


Erica Georgiades
Director of the School of the Wisdom of Adyar, living in Greece
Janne Vuononvirta
General Secretary of the Finnish Section
Jaishree Kannan
Librarian and Officer in charge of the Surendra Narayan Archives
LEAP Boundary Breakers
World Music & Dance Ensemble
Linda Oliveira
Former National President of the TS in Australia