08:30 - 09:30
4 January 2023

Symposium on "Interconnection"

1. "I am because we are: a dynamic link"

Catalina Isaza-Cantor, Colombia, Resident in Adyar

We are constantly creating our own reality, and we also build each other, sometimes without realising it. We are not isolated individuals: movement and relationship are inherent to our existence. What is the nature of that relationship? What connects us and at which levels? Why do we feel separated from each other? How do we deal with it? Is there something beyond that?  Let us explore together these and other aspects of this dynamic relationship.

2. “Bringing Interconnectedness into Every Moment of Our Daily Life”

Francis Lim, Singapore

3. “Dwelling in union with the Divine”

Sara Ortega van Vloten, Spain


Catalina Isaza-Cantor
Member in the TS in Colombia, resident in Adyar
Sara Ortega van Vloten
Member in the TS in Spain
Francis Lim
Member of the Singapore Lodge of the Theosophical Society