Hemalatha Senathipathi

Sculptor and Painter

HEMALATHA, Chennai based Sculptor and Painter. She trained under the guidance of her father Eminent Artist M. Senathipathi of the erstwhile Madras Art Movement, Cholamandal Artists’ Village, Chennai.  An artistic career spanning over three decades, dedicatedly working in the medium of metal in the form of Sculptures and repousse reliefs. Her recent suite of works constitutes of metal sculptures in medium size and miniature formats, metal repousse reliefs and paintings. She delicately drawn peacocks with enamel on welded copper, and a variety of playful Ganesha sculptures with splashes of riotous color in enamel. Common themes run across the metal works, from the mythological to abstract renderings of animal and bird forms, evocative human figures as well as masks inspired by African tribal Art. She had executed many sculptures in many sizes, for corporate galleries, private art connoisseurs and worldwide. She received “GOVERNMENT OF TAMILNADU STATE AWARD” 1991 and 2019.