08:30 - 09:30
31 December 2022

Opening of the Convention on 31 December

Prayers of Religions

Olcott Memorial Higher Secondary School children chant

Universal Prayer

Greetings from the Sections, Associations, Agencies

Invocation and opening words by the International President

Message from the President

The spiritual life has many paradoxes. It is both a life of intense personal inward focus and a life of compassionate outward expression. It is individual and societal, demanding that what is seen is expressed in action. Vision carries responsibility. The growing awareness of interconnection, not only as a human family, but at every level of being, requires appropriate creative response, particularly from those who see it most clearly. Our continuous contribution to the shared stream of thought and emotion is a beginning point, but it must not end there. It is the responsibility of anyone who is “awake” to seek and find ways to help.


Tim Boyd
International President of the Theosophical Society